A street in Mordentshire
Mordentshire is a large village settled around Arden Bay that has stood for as long as anyone can remember. Mordentshire is the largest settlement in the Mordent region, though it is little more than a quiet fishing village and port, with a few small farms just on the edge of the village proper. It is an old and weathered place, with rambling cobblestone streets and ancient buildings that have been browned and hardened by the salt air. The people of Mordentshire are noted for being civil folk and tight-knit community, though they are often suspicious of strangers and tend to give newcomers the cold shoulder. It’s only natural, considering the eerie landmarks that stand nearby, and the townsfolk tend to be of a superstitious bent, spinning tall tales on cold nights, when the chill sea wind blows fog up from the bay.

The town is watched over by Lord Byron Weathermay, who lives in the Heather House just outside the village.

Significant locations in the village are described below:

Just outside the village proper:


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