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As this is still a work in progress, many details shall be left vague. Secrecy on the DM’s part is tantamount in this, so many of the notes shall be GM only or left altogether blank until certain plot points have been revealed.

In summary, this adventure centers on the sleepy seaside hamlet of Mordentshire, a region where mysterious events have begun to occur. The people of Mordentshire, though stoic, have a long history of superstitious folklore of the seaside and the moors surrounding their home, yet it was not until recently that the people began actively to fear what might lurk outside in the night.

For things are not well in Mordentshire: people in the town have begun to change, personalities seeming to shift overnight. Rumors abound that a headless phantom on horseback has been seen on the mist-veiled moors. A strange carnival has set up camp just outside of town, and haunting melodies drift from the place amidst the sound of wagons unpacking and tents being pitched.

And, most frightening of all, a creature seems to be stalking the streets at night; a creature with a thirst for blood; a creature that the citizens fear lairs in the cursed House on Gryphon Hill.

Main Page

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